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Art8 Questions – Flix in the Stix

In this edition of ‘Art8 Questions’, we put 8 Questions to the artists running Flix in the Stix which, in partnership with Cornwall Film Festival, are hosting a showcase of outstanding Cornish film, featuring award winning short films from Cornwall’s most talented filmmakers.

Theresa Malin runs the wonderful Well Café in Cubert which is where the event is being hosted. Tiffany Holmes is Director of the Cornwall Film Festival team which is helping to put on the event.

Art8: What is it about the medium of film that you think draws you to it?

Theresa: Film draws me in because it all-absorbing, viz you can forget what’s around you and cry, scream or laugh and nobody minds because they’re doing it too!

Tiffany: Film incorporates so many different art-forms and has the power to effect you, move you, even to change your life, opening up new worlds and possibilities. I’ve loved cinema for as long as I can remember and one of the best things is enjoying films with other people and having that shared experience.

Art8: Do you think the Cornish Film scene is as healthy as it ever has been and does the future look bright?

Theresa: I am a positive thinker, so it’s yes and yes.

Tiffany: Yes! definitely! this is a really exciting time for Cornish film. We have extremely talented filmmakers here making some incredible films that are getting recognition in and outside of Cornwall. I was so pleased to see that Brett Harvey’s Weekend Retreat, which we awarded the Golden Chough Award at the Cornwall Film Festival in 2011, has just won Best Film at the Bootleg Film Festival in Edinburgh. I can’t wait to see what films come out of Cornwall in the next few years and look forward to screening them at Cornwall Film Festival!

Art8: Theresa, you are the owner of the Well Café, which is the venue for Flix in the Stix, Is this your first venture into running a film screening night at that venue or have you done many in the past and/or have more planned in the future?

Theresa: We have run several Flix nights in the past (see image), and Tiffany is now planning one per month over the next four months, with one especially for children. Exciting times ahead!

Art8: Your event states that popcorn and ice-cream are available at your event. Which is your favourite and why?

Theresa: Ice-cream because we make it ourselves and have a very secret ingredient which is absolultely MI5.

Tiffany: Ice-cream without a doubt, so many flavours to chose from!

Art8: I think we’d should point out here that the popcorn is also very lovely indeed!

Art8: With the Cornwall Film Festival now based in Newquay, it’s become a great place for Cornwall-based films and filmmakers. Can you reveal any of your plans for Newquay Film Festival 2013?

Tiffany: Cornwall Film Festival is not based in Newquay necessarily, it’s a movable feast! I’m afraid the programme for this year’s festival is under wraps for the time being but I can tell you we have some great films lined up and a number of special guests coming this year. Follow us on twitter @cornwallfilm for sneek previews of what is coming up this year!



Art8: At the risk of offending someone, would you tell us which is your favourite Cornish film of all time and why?

Theresa: Can "Ladies in Lavender" be classed as a Cornish film? - I don't know, but it's beautiful and as I love both the Cornish scenery and the music (I come from a family of musicians) I would class it as my favourite.
However, when we went to see "Die another Day" at Truro, along with some other Cubertians (ie, from Cubert) we were treated to a wonderful shot of Holywell Bay with 007 surfing "in Korea"! We all stood up and
said "That's our beach!" which was greeted with shshshshshshsh from the auditorium. Definitely a favourite moment.

Tiffany: Ooh that’s a difficult one... I’m going to have to go with Mark Jenkin’s Golden Burn, which screened at the first Cornwall Film Festival in 2002. Not only is this a great film in itself but it also marked the beginning of something really exciting in Cornwall – it was inspirational and more films were made as a result  of it, young filmmakers stayed in Cornwall to work with Mark on other projects and it tells a very Cornish story.

Can you give us an early preview of the films and filmmakers that we might expect to see at Flix in the Stix?

Theresa: Over to Tiffany [for this question]. However, in the frame, as it were, for the future, are Ruby Sparks, Salmon Fishing in Yemen, War Horse, The Devil wears Prada, Brave, Fantastic Mr. Fox, You can count on me, How to Marry a Millionaire and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. We are asking people to vote for their favourites from this choice, so the result will be the peoples choice. There are some amazing film makers and actors/actresses amongst this lot.There will be a film club membership deal available at The Well, so folks can buy this when they come to vote.

Tiffany: Well you can see the line-up here: www.cornwallfilmfestival.com/bestof we have films from some of favourite filmmakers including Mark Jenkin, Brett Harvey and Ian Bucknole as well as some of the festival’s award winners from last year!

Excluding your own (that wouldn't be fair!) what event or exhibit taking place during Art8 2013 would you recommend that our readers/visitors should go and see/do?

Theresa: The Travelling Teddy Bear at The Source Cafe in Newquay. Definately. I own 21 teddy bears of whom one has a passport (stamped!) because he travels all over the world. If you go, make sure you order a hot chocolate extreme from Tiva, they're superb.

Tiffany:  I’m looking forward to the Poetry Slam at Café Irie, I missed it last year and was made to regret it!


Thanks to Theresa and Tiffany for taking the time to answer our questions about their event, Flix in the Stix, taking place on Saturday 13th April from 7.30 at the Well Café. Don't forget to check out their event as well as the ones they recommended!


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